AVRco Development Environment


An excellent development environment for the professional. Complete with IDE, simulator, debugger and a huge library to support any imaginable peripheral.


Standard Version

  • Powerful project-oriented multi-window editor with syntax and error highlight, Online help
  • Application building wizard. Generates source code skeleton.
  • Pascal compiler supports processes, tasks, interrupts and on-chip peripherals.
  • 16- and 32bit Integer arithmetics
  • Pointers, Arrays, Records, BitSets etc.
  • IEEE floating point arithmetics, trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
  • Extensive bit manipulation function set. Drivers for I2C-Bus, LCD-Display, 7-segment LED-Display, RS232, Stepper, LAN
  • Assembler, also for machine code in the pascal source
  • Fully integrated AVR simulator/debugger, supports all library functions, emulates all supported peripherals.
  • In-circuit programmer included

Professional version 

  • Support for Pascal-style precompiled units
  • Drivers for graphic LCDs
  • Supports the IIM7010 API for TCP/IP connectivity
  • Proprietary lightweight file system
  • FAT16 file system
  • True HLL debugging via JTAG interface

Free Trial Version

  • Fully functional standard version for unlimited usage. Code is limited to 4KBytes.

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Standard Version

EUR 481.00

Professional Version

EUR 941.00


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