Playground LCD Option


This option provides you with a small and versatile means of communicating with your application. The LCD module connects to the SPI bus and thus requires only 4 CPU ports (MOSI, SCK, CS, RS).


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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0801

16x3 LCD and pushbuttons Option


EUR 30.00


This option can be ordered only in conjunction with a Playground baseboard and includes:

  • LCD module DOG-M

  • 6 pushbuttons

  • I2C 8-bit port expander

  • 2 signalling LEDs

  • built on Playground board and tested




  • 16x3 alphanumeric LCD, display-on-glass technology
  • software controlled contrast
  • SPI bus operation
  • LED backlight in various colors (white, blue, green, amber, red)
  • Positive or negative display

The keys are connected to an I2C port expander and require no addittional CPU ports. The keyboard can either be read by polling or from an interrupt handler. In place of the pushbuttons, also a LED can be connected and driven by the port expander.



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