Playground EasyRadio Option


This option provides you with instant RF connectivity. The EasyRadio module connects to the serial port 1 of the ATmega128


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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0804

EasyRadio Transceiver Module Option



EUR 65.00


This option can be ordered only in conjunction with a Playground baseboard and includes:

  • EasyRadio Transceiver Module

  • SMA antenna socket

  • Antenna

  • Built on Playground board and tested




The Easy-Radio 900 Transceiver is a complete sub-system that combines a high performance very low power RF transceiver, a microcontroller and a voltage regulator

  • Crystal controlled synthesiser for frequency accuracy

  • High sensitivity receiver typically -105dBm @ 38.4 Kbps

  • 1mW (USA) & 3mW (Europe) Transmit Power

  • Low operating Voltage - 3.6 Volts

  • Low power consumption: Receiver 13mA, Transmitter 23mA

  • User programmable: Frequency of operation, Data Rate, Output Power




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