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This Eurocard sized baseboard for the AVRcard adds connectivity options, external SRAM and more.


Assemble your own platform with a variety of options here..


Product Options

16x3 LCD and pushbuttons

TCP/IP-Ethernet Option

EasyRadio RF Transceiver Option

BlueTooth Class 1 Module Option

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Product image with various options (117KB)


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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0020

AVR Playground V2, bare board


EUR 35.00


Art. No. 0021

AVR Playground V2, populated as shown on picture to the left


EUR 65.00


Custom baseboards and custom populations are available on request:


Version 1.1 Legacy Playground board



  • AVRcard plug-in
  • Two 6-pin Western connectors for Serial interfaces
  • 4 plug-in expansion modules
  • Bluetooth Class 1 module plug-in
  • EasyRadio RF transceiver plug-in, with SMA antenna connector
  • TCP/IP over Ethernet module plug-in
  • Alphanumeric LCD (3 lines, 16 characters) plug-in, connected to SPI
  • 2 indicator LEDs, connected on I2C port expander
  • 6 pushbutton switches, connected on I2C port expander
  • Address demultiplexer
  • DIL socket for 32 KBytes of external RAM
  • 5 V voltage regulator for operation from inexpensive AC power adaptors
  • Piezo speaker
  • All CPU ports on 10-pin headers, pinout is compatible to Atmel's STK500
  • All through hole assembly for easy soldering
  • Eurocard size (100 x 160 mm)



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