MP3miniCube - Functions


The local user interface consisting of a 4x20 character LCD, rotary encoder and two pushbuttons, provides the following functions:

MP3miniCube Main


After power-on, the firmware checks whether there is a disk responding on the IDE interface. If so, the FAT filesystem is initialised and the first partition is read. The first directory name in the root directory of that partition is displayed on the top line of the display.

The user can navigate through subdirectories and songs according to the table below.


When a file is selected for playing, all songs in that directory after the selected one are played, then the MP3miniCube stops playing.

When playing, a progress bar is displayed. It only gives a relative indication on the progress, based on the number of bytes streamed compared to the total file length.

The song title displayed while playing is extracted from the file name. If there is a dash ("-") in the filename, the part before the dash is displayed on the first line, the second part on the second line.

Summary of local user interface functions



navigating through





Dial up

scroll through subdirectories

scroll through files

Adjust volume

Dial down

left button

up one level

up one level

skip song

right button

enter subdirectory

play file

stop playing



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