Standalone MP3 Player with IDE harddisk and LCD, the size of three CD jewel cases




  • ATmega128 Controller @ 16MHz clock
  • MP3 decoder: VLSI VS1011B
  • Storage medium: 2.5" IDE harddisk with Windows FAT16/32 filesystem, long file names
  • RS-232 Serial Interface, for remote controlling of all player functions
  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Local user interface: 4 x 20 character LCD, 2 pushbuttons, rotary encoder
  • Mechanical dimensions: 127 x 107 x 30mm


  • Out-of-the-box MP3 harddisk player
  • Fully controllable over the RS-232 interface
  • 12V power supply, suitable for car operation
  • Slim size.

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Ordering Information

Art. No. 5014: MP3miniCube Board:

Standalone MP3 player with LCD, rotary encoder and pushbuttons. Fully assembled board with preloaded firmware.

Price: EUR 130.00

Art. No. 5015: Aluminium Case:

Including acryl front panel and knob

Price: EUR 30.00

Art. No. SAH-MP0402H: 40GB Harddisk:

Samsung Spinpoint M40, 40 GB  2.5" / 5400 rpm / 12 ms / 8 MB / 200G / 2.4W / ATA-100 / Silent Seek / pre-formatted

Price: EUR 75.00


Additional Resources

VLSI product page



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