Industrial MP3 Player Module with ATmega128 microcontroller, CFcard and VS1011 decoder.


Ready to use, includes firmware


  • Atmel ATmega128 RISC CPU @ 16MHz
  • VLSI VS1011E MP3/WAV Decoder
  • Decodes MPEG 1 & 2 audio layer 3 (ISO 11172-3), WAV and PCM files
  • Supports VBR (variable bitrate) for MP3
  • High-quality stereo DAC with no phase error between channels
  • Stereo earphone driver capable of driving a 30Ohm load
  • CFcard removable storage device, on IDE bus
  • Remote controlled via RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Interface
  • Operating Voltage: 7...15VDC
  • Mechanical dimensions: 100 x 65 mm


  • Fully self-contained digital audio playback module
  • Ready to use, no firmware programming required
  • Supports CFcard mass storage with FAT16/32 and long filenames
  • Directly connect earphones or active speakers
  • Fully controllable via serial interface

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Art. No. 0137

MP3 industrial digital audio player with VS1011


EUR 129.00


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