Multi-purpose data logger module


  • Atmel ATmega644P low-power RISC CPU @4MHz
  • 12 digital I/O, (functions shared with SPI, I2C, reset and interrupt signals)
  • 3 10-bit Analog inputs
  • 32KBytes nonvolatile storage in FRAM
  • 4-32MBit DataFlash
  • Battery-backed real-time clock for time stamping
  • 5V or 3.3V operation
  • Optional MiniSDcard slot on bottom of board
  • Mechanical dimensions: 37 x 50 x 10 mm


  • Pre-engineered core module for a wide range of data logging applications
  • Unique combination of nonvolatile storage: FRAM (unlimited writes) and DataFlash (large capacity) allow for implementation of optimized logging algorithms
  • Low-power design, battery operation
  • Large storage capacity
  • USB 2.0 interface for configuration and data download
  • Optional wireless connectivity
  • Field upgradeable firmware

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Product Data Sheet

Schematic Diagram


Windows based application software for configuration, downloading and display of logger data.

Download Windows Application here


LogiLogger firmware for 3-channel analog data logging
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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0032

LogiLogger V1.3 OEM module


EUR 89.00






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