Standalone Programmable CAN I/O Controller with ATmega644 and MCP2515.


  • Microcontroller ATmega644 @ 16MHz clock
  • 32KBytes FRAM for persistent configuration data storage
  • CAN Bit rates up to 1Mbit/s
  • CAN controller: Microchip MCP2515 @ 16MHz clock
  • CAN transceiver: Microchip MCP2551, for 12V and 24V systems
  • Meets CAN specifications 2.0A (11 bit ID) and 2.0B (29 bit ID)
  • Standard 9-pin D-Sub connector for CAN bus, as per CiA DS102-1
  • 4 optocoupled digital inputs, configurable for switch to GND, 12V or 24V voltage input
  • 4 digital open drain outputs, rated at 30V/2.3A
  • 4 analog inputs, configurable for 0...5V / 0...10V or 0..20mA
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Voltage regulator with input protection, suitable for vehicle operation
  • 3 control LEDs.
  • Mechanical dimensions: 80 x 65mm


  • Out-of-the-box CAN based I/O control
  • Flexible functionality can be implemented with onboard high-performance AVR RISC microcontroller
  • Industry-grade I/O configuration
  • Directly connect lamps, relays, sensors, switches, etc.
  • Custom application firmware available

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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0030

CANLY-AVR Programmable CAN I/O Controller, OEM Board

EUR 119.00

Additional Resources

Microchip product page

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