The CANLY modules operate as I/O expanders for a Controller Area Network (CAN) system, supporting CAN V2.0B active, with bus rates up to 1 Mbit/s.


I/O functions include

individually selectable transmit-on-pinchange messages for each input, message scheduling capability, 10-bit PWM output, device configuration via CAN bus messages


One mask and two acceptance filters are provided to give maximum flexibility during system design with respect to identifiers that the device will respond to.


The device is pre-programmed in non-volatile memory so that the module defaults to a specific configuration at power-up


Through an RS-232 port, the module can be configured and I/O operations can be performed locally. In addition, the serial interface can output received and transmitted CAN messages.


  • Atmel ATmega168 RISC CPU @ 16MHz
  • CAN controller: Microchip MCP2515 @ 16MHz clock
  • Bit rates up to 1Mbit/s
  • CAN transceiver: Philips PCA82C251, for 24V systems
  • Meets CAN specifications 2.0A (11 bit ID) and 2.0B (29 bit ID)
  • Standard 9-pin D-Sub connector for CAN bus, as per CiA DS102-1
  • 4 protected digital inputs, configurable for switch to GND, 12V or 24V voltage input
  • 4 digital open drain outputs, rated at 25V/0.6A, one output configurable to a 10-bit PWM output
  • 1 RS-232 Serial Interface
  • An expansion connector with SPI, I2C, Interrupt and Reset signals
  • Voltage regulator with input protection, suitable for vehicle operation
  • 3 control LEDs.
  • Mechanical dimensions: 70 x 37mm


  • Out-of-the-box CAN based I/O control
  • Field-upgradeable firmware
  • Industry-grade I/O configuration
  • Directly connect lamps, relays, sensors, switches, etc.
  • Configurable over the CAN bus with special CAN messages

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Ordering Information

Art. No. 0139

CANLY Standalone Programmable I/O Controller V2.0 for CAN Bus


EUR 79.00


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