TCP/IP Connectivity


World's unique fully hardwired Internet connectivity solution

5 times faster than software TCP/IP stack

Cost effective with RTOS-less solution

Proven TCP/IP compliance and interoperability

TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, Ethernet 10/100 MAC hardwired logics included

Simple socket API interface

Solved jitter problem based on fixed processing time by hardware



Building an embedded web server is made easy by using the IIM7010 module from WIZnet Inc. in addition to the AVRcard. The API is a fully integrated function of the AVRco development environment by E-Lab.

Integration Principles

The IIM7010A module can be connected to the AVRcard in two ways:

as a slave on the TWI bus

mapped as external memory.

Get the detailed schematic diagram that shows both interconnections. For easy implementation, the use of the Playground baseboard which supports both modes, is recommended.

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