RTC DS1307


This Note describes the driver software for the DS1307 real-time clock chip used on AVRcard. The driver software is implemented as a Pascal Unit


Data Types

TSqwOut, TTime, TDate

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Design Note

DS1307 Datasheet


 DS1307 Driver Pascal source Code

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 AVRcard (prototyping Board)



Get Functions

rtcGetTime, rtcGetDate

Set Functions

rtcSetHour, rtcSetMinute, rtcSetSecond, rtcSetWeekDay, rtcSetDay, rtcSetMonth, rtcSetYear, rtcSetTime, rtcSetDate

Conversion Functions

rtcTimeToString, rtcDateToString

Get and Convert Functions

rtcGetTimeString, rtcGetDateString

SQRT Function


RAM Access Functions

rtcWriteRam, rtcReadRam




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