AVRcard Monitor



The AVRcard is shipped with a pre-programmed monitor program that allows users to go the first steps. This small program is useful e.g. to quickly set/read port pins and CPU registers. It communicates via the serial port 1 at 19200bps/8bits/no parity. 

  ?<cr>  display help text

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help<cr> display help text
<ctrl><q> serial port transparent mode (on/off)
dt<cr>   display current date and time
st<cr>  set date and time
wr<cr> write hex byte to fram
wrtxt<cr>   write text to fram
rdump<cr>  fram hex dump
sp<cr>  show i/o port
wd<cr> write i/o  port data direction
wp<cr> write i/o port bit
reg<cr>  read control registers
cf<cr> create file
df<cr> delete file
wf<cr> write text to file
rf<cr> read file content
fseek<cr> read file content at specific address
fdump<cr>  file hex dump
dir<cr> show files on virtual disk
disk<cr> show free virtual disk space
format<cr>  format virtual disk
vref<cr> set reference voltage for adc
adc<cr>   read voltages at adc ports




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