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Over 500 AVRcard applications worldwide


AVRcard Core Module: ATmega128 @ 16MHz, RTC w/ battery, 32KB FRAM (nonvolatile), all ports on header pins with ESD series resistors. New Pricing

The AVR Playground V2: With Bluetooth, RF, LCD, expansion modules and more.

Minimodules, interface via I2C and/or SPI, fit directly on the AVR Playground V2

Multi-purpose Data Logging Module. The LogiLogger module is a small, battery operated data logging module which can be used as a core module for a large variety of data logging applications


Industry Grade CAN I/O Controller with AVR

provides industry-grade I/O out-of-the-box, with full microcontroller control, open programming platform. Features 4 isolated digital inputs, 4 open drain digital outputs plus 4 analog inputs.

CAN Standalone Digital I/O Controller

provides industry-grade I/O in a small form factor, flexible in functionality with onboard AVR microcontroller.

CAN-SPI-Adapter with MCP2515.

Standalone CAN controller (Microchip MCP2515) fits directly on the Standard Playground baseboard.

AVRco Library for the MCP2515 CAN Controller


Industrial Digital Audio Player MP3 player module with SDcard, controllable via RS-232 or discrete, optically coupled 24V inputs.

Industrial MP3 OEM Player Module Serially controllable MP3 player module, with ATmega128, CFcard adapter, VS1011 decoder and RS-232 and RS-485 serial interfaces.

Standalone MP3 OEM Player Module Fully self-contained MP3 player module, with ATmega644, SDcard adapter and VS1011 decoder. New version, now with active de-click circuit.

MP3/PCM/WAV Decoder Adapter for 5V Microcontroller Systems This adapter module conforms to the Minimodules series form factor and interface layout.

Standalone MP3 Harddisk Player, built around the ATmega128 controller and a VS1011 MP3 decoder chip.



Industrial Digital Audio Player

MP3 player module with SDcard, controllable via RS-232 or discrete, optically coupled 24V inputs

Bi-directional Wireless Signal Transmission System

The TeleMeter module provides an out-of-the-box cable replacement for 2 analog signals at 12-bit resolution as well as data logging features.


Product Documentation: All product users manuals, flyers, schematic diagrams in one place.


Development Tools:Fully integrated development environment with Pascal compiler, simulator, JTAG debugger, programmer...


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